Ehh! What’s Up Doc?

Lots to think about. We know! If you have a question or a query, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below. Still not sure about something? Feel free to contact us at any time!

Locate the Local is a gift box and subscription box company whose goal is to seek out the unique, the useful, the genius, and (of course) the tasty, all while keeping it Canadian-made. We’ve been searching the entire country for the best artisans, makers, and vendors and are excited to share their products with you!

A gift box is a one-time purchase. You can choose from a Build Your Own Box, where you are in control of what goes into the gift box, or a pre-curated box, where you choose from a box that we have carefully crafted in advance. Both options are paid for in full at check-out

The subscription box can be purchased in two ways. With the ‘Box-to-Box Subscription’, you have the freedom to alter or cancel your subscription at any time, and the boxes are paid for on a rolling basis. A full-price ‘Box-to-Box Subscription’ is $55.00 with a $10.00 flat rate shipping across Canada, totalling $65.00 per box. The subscription will auto-renew (with payment being processed) one month in advance of the shipment date. For example, the April Box will have a renewal date of March 5th.

The ‘Year Subscription’ is a commitment to receiving 4 consecutive boxes (at a discounted price), and -the order is paid for upfront. The auto-renewal will occur one month before the 5th box is shipped. For example, a subscription beginning with the July Box will auto-renew one month before the following year’s July shipment (June 5th).

Unfortunately we do not accept any returns on boxes or individual products. If your products are damaged, please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our very best to resolve the issue.

 Taxes and shipping will be charged during check out, and will depend on your location. The $10.00 flat rate shipping for subscription boxes applies to Canadian addresses only. The shipping for the Year Subscription option will be charged upfront, along with the cost of the box.

We ship to Canada and the United States. Although we do our very best to ensure that the products we carry can be sent free of duties and customs, should any of these be incurred, they are at the expense of the customer.

Note for those shipping to the United States: Although we do our very best to ensure that our subscription and gift box products can arrive without the charge of customs, we cannot guarantee that your package will not be stopped at the border. This may delay delivery times, and could result in the charging of customs. Locate the Local is not responsible for any delays, customs or duties that may be charged, with the responsibility of payment falling solely on the customer.

All of our boxes are shipped via Canada Post standard shipping. Should you require a different shipping method due to time constraints, please let us know!

Yes! You most definitely can! Our pick-up time is Tuesday from 8am-12pm in the R2H postal area. During your checkout, select the ‘pick up’ option and the $10.00 shipping fee will be waived. Once this option is selected and the payment has been received, we will send an email with information such as location and holiday dates, if necessary.

If you have ordered a subscription box and have requested to pick-up, it is your responsibility to remember the delivery date. The boxes will be available on the Tuesday following the shipment date (ex. The Tuesday following January 5th, April 5th, July 5th, and October 5th). Should the shipment date land on a Tuesday, the box will be available that day.

If you are unable to pick the package up within two weeks of ordering, please let us know. If we haven’t heard from you within two weeks and the box remains at Locate the Local, the order will be cancelled and the payment will be refunded.

We would love nothing more than to help you create the perfect gift for that special someone (which, by the way, can most definitely be you!). Simply drop us a line at info@locathethelocal.ca and we will make it happen!

Any ideas for products that you would love to see in one of our boxes can be sent to info@locatethelocal.ca , with the subject line ‘PRODUCTS’.

Our subscription boxes come in shipping boxes that measure 9”x6”x4”. Our shipped out gift boxes will also use this size box, with larger orders coming in a similar 11”x8”x4. Pick-up and delivery.

With either option, boxes are shipped out quarterly, in January, April, July and October, on the 5th of the month.

Each box will contain 4-6 full sized products for your enjoyment! We believe that to truly test out a product, you need the real deal, the whole schpeel…the full size! In saying that, you may also find a sample or two to test out in the boxes as well. We’re keeping it a secret until it’s at your door, but may let out a spoiler on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so keep your eyes peeled. Don’t let this make you nervous! We promise you that we’ve done our homework, and stand behind each item that we include. Your goodies will be a mixture of household items, beauty and wellness products, jewelry and accessories, and of course, some cooking items and treats to try!

As we source from all across Canada, and like to support amazing small businesses, we need to ensure that our suppliers have time to create, package, and send us their goods. For this reason, we can guarantee your new subscription order until:

December 5th for the January shipment

March 5th for the April shipment

June 5th for the July shipment

September 5th for the October shipment.

We try to anticipate late orders, and can usually accommodate this. If we do not have enough stock, however, you will be notified, and your subscription will start at the next upcoming shipment.

We’re sorry to hear you’re leaving us! Thank you for your past support! In order to cancel, simply log in to your account and click the ‘unsubscribe’ button. As we charge for upcoming boxes one month before shipping, the subscription would need to be cancelled before payment is processed. For example, should you unsubscribe on March 4th, you would not be charged for or shipped the April Box. However, if you were to cancel on March 5th (after midnight CST), you would be charged for and shipped the April Box, and your subscription would end after this quarter. Skipping a subscription follows the same timeline!

Should you not receive your box from Locate the Local, the first step is to check the tracking number that you have been provided via email. If this avenue does not provide you with answers, please contact us as soon as possible, either through the ‘Contact Us’ page on the site, or at alison@locatethelocal.ca .   Boxes should be received by the end of the month in which they were shipped. Locate the Local needs to be made aware of the missing box by the 5th of the following month, or sooner. After this time, we will be much less able to track it, send a replacement, or offer you compensation.

In this option, you can choose one of our pre-curated boxes, and include a handwritten note.

The ‘Build Your Own Box’ option allows you to choose between 3-7 products from our extensive inventory and Build Your Own Box. This also includes choosing the packaging, and can also include a handwritten note.

If you are creating multiple, identical boxes, you can follow the same instructions as the Build Your Own Box option and enter the promo code ‘MULTIPLE’ at check-out. You can include special requests and information (such as quantity, deadlines, event details, requests for co-branding etc.) in the comment section, and the order request will be sent to our team. No payment will be collected and the box will not be shipped at this time. From here, we will be in touch to discuss your order. Customization is our bread and butter so we look forward to hearing your requests!

Both the BYOB and Pre-Curated boxes ship within 24-48 hours from their time of purchase. Should there be an issue with your order, we will be in touch right away to solve it! Corporate and Event Gifting orders will be dependent on available stock and requested deadlines/delivery dates.

Locate the Local sources all its products from vendors across Canada, and does not create any health, beauty or wellness products itself. Our vendors do a great job of listing ingredients, or having this type of information available online. We still ask that you read labels and do test spots before using any new health, beauty or wellness products you receive through Locate the Local or otherwise. We assume no responsibility or liability for cross-contamination, allergies or reactions on both labelled and non-labelled products we carry.

We work with some of the most reputable vendors across Canada. This does not, however, mean that we are able to guarantee their allergen listings. Locate the Local does not assume any responsibility or liability for reactions due to the consumption of products that we carry, whether labelled or non-labelled. We cannot guarantee that products within the box have not come into contact with nuts or any other allergen containing ingredients. Please read labels before consumption. Should you have any questions regarding allergens, please contact us at info@locatethelocal.ca, or contact the company from which the product was sourced.